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Parenting Courses


Parent Education
Parent education classes are available to educate and support parents to do the best job they can to raise confident, caring, responsible, and productive children.

Through the use of a systematic parenting program, research-proven and used by over 4 million parents, Dr. Skipper will work with you to learn effective parenting techniques while also helping you create an atmosphere of mutual respect between you and your child as you utilize learned methods. You will also learn skills to help your child increase their cooperation, responsibility, and self-reliance. Individual sessions can meet weekly or every other week, depending on your schedule. Each course includes a parent handbook in addition to weekly handouts and each session is approximately 90 minutes. Additional information may be provided on a case by case basis to meet the needs of each individual participant.

Following are available courses:

 Parents of Children From birth through 5 years of age

                                Session 1 - Understanding Young Children

                                Session 2 - Understanding Young Children’s Behavior

Session 3 - Builiding Self-Esteem in the Early Years

                                Session 4 - Communicating With Young Children

Session 5 - Helping Young Children Learn to Cooperate

Session 6 - Effective Discipline

Session 7 - Nurturing Emotional and Social Development

Parents of Children From 6 Through 12 Years of Age

                                Session 1 - Understanding Yourself and Your Child

Session 2 - Understanding Beliefs and Feelings

Session 3 - Encouraging Your Child and Yourself

Session 4 - Listening and Talking to Your Child

Session 5 - Helping Childrent Learn to Cooporate

Session 6 - Discipline That Makes Sense

Session 7 - Choosing Your Approach

Parents of Teens

                                Session 1 - Understanding Yourself and Your Teenager

Session 2 - Changing Your Response to Your Teen

Session 3 - Communicating Respect and Encouragement

Session 4 - Encouraging Cooperation and Solving Problems

Session 5 - Using Consequences to Build Responsibilties

Session 6 - Deciding What to Do - Part I

Session 7 - Deciding What to Do - Part II

Parenting Class Rates

Individual = $100 per session

For all other rates, please see the Rates Page.