About me...

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I am a Florida Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a private practice located in Jupiter, FL. My specialization includes extensive work with children, adolescents, and families in regard to overall dynamics or individual issues that are negatively impacting the family as a whole.

My work with children, teens, and families focuses on understanding and treating issues related to peer difficulties, divorce, loss, adjustment, depression, anxiety, behavior problems, and more. Clinical experiences include working with clients in a variety of locations such as mental health clinics, residential settings, drug treatment facilities, and schools. Through empirically-based treatment approaches, I encourage an atmosphere of guidance and support to help my clients develop new coping strategies and learn new tools in order to move toward positive growth and change.

I graduated from the Florida School of Professional Psychology with a Master of Arts and Doctor of Psychology Degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychology. My background also includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education with 11 years of experience in primary education.

"Bite Sized Strategies" for Parents

Dr. Skipper is pleased to announce her new book series, Bite Sized Strategies for Parents, which will be a series of small and to the point books for todays fast paced parenting life.  Each book will focus on a topic or related topics designed to quickly bring parents up to speed, provide key knowledge, recommend strategies, and offer ongoing resources and tools for each subject.