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February 24, 2015
Teen Temper Tantrums: 3 Steps to Stop the Screaming
You thought “The Terrible Twos” were bad. Now you’re dealing with “The Terrible Thirteens,” and it’s just as bad, if not worse.

February 24, 2015
What Are the Symptoms of Depression in Teenagers? Signs your child might be more than moody
Since adolescents are often moody, it can be difficult to recognize when your son or daughter has become depressed, and might need help. The thing people tend to notice first is withdrawal, or when the teenager stops doing things she usually likes to do.

February 24, 2015
Angry Kids: Dealing With Explosive Behavior. How to respond when a child lashes out

When a child—even a small child—melts down and becomes aggressive, he can pose a serious risk to himself and others, including parents and siblings.

Life is a journey and sometimes we need guidance, someone to help show us the way, or just to help us see the way. The way that is there before us but we just can't quite see...a little nudge here...a little suggestion there.

Some make it become clear, to make it easier, to make it better. Guidance to help us be better to our friends, to our family, to ourselves, and most our children.


 Skipper L Harvey, PsyD     



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Many families are so caught up in the day to day grind of work, homework, running the kids around, and extended family matters that even dinner isn’t without interruption. Next thing you know, the entire family is accustomed to doing their own thing, burying their heads in technology, and no one is taking the time to just talk together as a family. Keep reading to see how something as simple as sharing a meal together can make a huge difference for yourself and your family.

Doing This One Simple Thing Will Help Your Children Avoid Misbehaviors